Sunday, 10 January 2010

TV programme about self-sufficiency looking for couples

"Hi there,

My name is Sophie and I am a researcher at a television company called
Tiger Aspect Productions.

I am currently trying to find contributors who would be interested in
taking part in a new programme we are developing. We need to find couples who would jump at the chance to leave their lives in the city to forge a new self-sufficient life in the countryside and spend a year getting back to a simpler way of life."

If you're interested email


  1. Hi Briony,

    Glad you reposted this. I like the tag line for your blog - I feel very much that way myself. I just thought I would say hi 'cos you seemed like a cool person with similar interests to myself, so "Hi".

    Beth Tilston

  2. Hey there
    Did this ever happen? there seems to be a real shortage of these type of programmes and as me and my partner are embarking on this kind of adventure we would really like to see what others have done.
    Taz Lovejoy