Thursday, 18 February 2010

Let's get together :)

Come to the event I'm putting on with the lovely people of Limina, 12-13 June, in a farm in Kent.


                 When    12th & 13th June 2010 

                Where   The Quadrangle Farm, middle of nowhere, Kent  

                What      I would like (circle + cross out as appropriate): 

                               good work | children | a spouse | the countryside | 
                               the city | a life that contributes to climate change | a 
                               nice laptop | grow my own | milk my own | butcher 
                               my own | skype | wood fires | people around | com- 
                               post toilets | flush toilets | to be busy all the time | 
                               big debts | ommm | sweatlodge in winter + roll naked 
                               in snow | to be a hippy | no fucking hippies | live just 
                               like my parents | live like they did 500 years ago | the 
                               best of the past + the best of the future | live next to a 
                               motorway / on an island / in a hammock | wake up to 
                               birdsong and the smell of baking bread 

                               Other: ………………… 

                  How    Arrive 4-5pm. settle in, eat,  talk. Hear what people 
                              are doing, tell what you’re doing, or what you want to 
                              do. Play by the fire. Sleep. Wake gently, good breakfast.
                              Go for a walk in beautiful Kent countryside, have a 
                              pub lunch. Catch the train home, the end, for now. 

        How much    £10 deposit at We Got Tickets (advance booking essential)
                              + £15 cash upon arrival, so £25 in total for the whole event.
                              Any further donations to support Limina’s work gratefully appreciated.

                              Real beds for the first 16 to book, then camping.
                              Full location and necessary info provided upon receipt of deposit.

                              Queries to

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