Monday, 14 June 2010

I've got a goat!!!

Ok, not a real goat. Yet...

I've got a sign I just pinned on the kitchen pin board that says 'This entitles the holder to one goat.'

"It's like the ultimate Oxfam gift," said my friend Mark as he gave it to me and I hopped whooping around the kitchen and hugging him. "You're like the only friend I have - probably the only friend I'll ever have, actually - who I can actually give an actual goat to."

This means I have to Do It. I'm moving to Wales this Autumn. We're buying a place and seeing who wants to chip in and stick something like a woodland or something on the side. I was thinking about making some kind of local goat co-op so we can share the strains and the gains of goat keeping.

And now I have a goat token. So I Have To.


I am delighted.

I'm going to call my first milking nanny goat 'Mark.'


  1. i was of the belief the goats from oxfam go to a poor family in africa- so think you are going to have to move further afield than wales to live with your goat!!

  2. Hi there Bryony,

    Where is Wales are you moving to? We're in a housing co-op in Llanidloes right in the middle. We're following a lifestyle a bit like yours, 2/5 on the laptop 3/5 in the garden! It's good but would prefer even less laptop.

    Spoke to you briefly at Dark Mountain we were sat outside with Tom Hodgkinson - we've written an article about WWOOf in the latest idler..

    Cheers for now,


  3. Hi Briony, where are you moving to in Wales? I've just been camping in the Gower peninsula - gorgeous scenery, just far too many happy campers like me!

    How are you going to buy this land? Clubbing together to buy the land outright cooperatively or shared mortgage?

    I'm interested as I want to avoid getting a mortgage when I eventually want to get a place of my own, and also want a bit of woodland on the side too!


  4. Fantastic! When do you move? Looking forward to reading your updates . . .