Friday, 14 January 2011

The Project


I like this blog.

I like all the comments from friends and strangers.

I haven't written in it for a while.

I have been Getting Practical.

A project team has amassed. They are lovely and it feels precious and beautiful.

We are (probably) going to Buy Land and Do Stuff.

Every three months or thearabouts we have an open meeting where anyone can come and that's currently the way that new people get involved. I guess the next one would be sometime in February or March.

Although that might be developing because I think we're going to start a DIY Church

yes a CHURCH

where you can be anything from a devout Jew to an athiest

and still come along and play

I think we're going to make up our own sermons

or something.


About this project.

We had a couple of days of visioning.

We came up with these key ideas / principles in popularity order:

1. A SPIRE! (14)
2. Personal growth and development (13)
3. Elemental living and a healthy relationship with nature (13)
4. Personal autonomy (11)
5. Creativity / emergence (improvisation / process oriented) (9)
6. In all our dealings we aim to embody: honesty, tolerance, openness, respect, and something else I can't read (8)
7. Resilience, self-provision, sustainability (8)
8. Collective joy (7)
9. Collaboration and mutual support (7)
10. Inreach and outreach (6)
11. Enduring relationship with place (6)
12. Collective purpose and endeavour (6)
13. Concentric circles of belonging / variety of relationships (5)
14. Play (2)

We don't have a website or anything yet.


  1. Sounds interesting Briony. Where's this land you're buying? What stuff is happening on it? And how can I found out about your meetings?

  2. I like your style. I am (almost) living in a yurt in Farnham. I was living in a field of horses for seven months, but I had to move because the neighbours complained about the bloody hippies. It was the best thing that could have happened. Rose May has let me use her stable block (it has central heating) while I construct the yurt platform. I get to cycle to work now and look after chickens every day. Cluck. Can I put a link in my website to yours please?

  3. Hiya

    nice one Ian! That sounds really good. Yep link away, and good luck with the yurt platform.

    James - I don't know where yet! Maybe within 2-3 hours of London, either Shropshire or Sheffield way probably. Drop me an email at and I'll let you know about meetings.

    Cheers and all the best,